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Comment Box – Are music festivals a sham?

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Music festivals are fun. Music festivals are expensive (a Glastonbury ticket will run you approximately $340) . In most cases, tickets are sold before the lineup of bands is announced. Is it fair that we’re asked to fork over cash without knowing what bands we’re going to see? More importantly, what are we paying for — the music or the festival experience? Comment Box is a production. For all things indie music – fresh tracks, video, docs, and podcasts – go to Credits: Executive Producers: Nick Hansen, Chris Hansen Producers: Ian McPherson, Chris Davies, Phil Lang Recording Engineer and Mixing: Jerad Paul Fox, Siera Sinclair Host: Ian McPherson Guest: Christopher Davies Music provided by Niteppl –

The Bob Podcast #15 – “All Summer – No Bummer”

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The Bob Podcast #15: “All Summer – No Bummer” by

The sun is still shining in San Francisco. So before we start biking in the rain for 6 more months, we’re going to bring you some songs that are new to as of this summer.

We have filmed at Phono del Sol Festival in SF and Photosynthesis Festival in Neah Bay, WA. We let the City Beer Store celebrate their 5th birthday party in the studio (best beer selection ever). And even though we’ve mostly been editing or on the road, we managed to have a few in studio concerts as well. Enjoy our newest additions to the library and have a great rest of the season.

Featuring Music From:

-Religious Girls
-Keyzer Soze
-The Soft White Sixties


There is an aquatic quality to Lulacruza’s music that draws you in. Somebody have these two score a film already.

Religious Girls

A big thumbs up to Tyler McPherron on this one. A sedate park setting isn’t exactly ideal for a band like Religious Girls, but his edit on this really captures the energy these guys have at a live show.

Keyser Soze

Jammal Tarkington (vocals and sax) first came through with the killer Who Cares. He’s a major talent, and although not seen in this performance, he’s an assassin on the flute. Flute Assissin…band name available, folks.

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