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The BAMM Alternative Jubilee Soundtrack

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Readers in the UK – and those who keep an eye on current events upon that rainy island – will know that the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ is underway: a long weekend in which everyone pretends to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne when infact they’re just happy to get a few days off work, whatever the reason.

Still – whatever one may think of the Royal Family (yep, we’re adopting a regal tone now), it’s hard to deny that the constant fawning media coverage can be a bit of a drag. Any aliens watching TV right now (not sure why they would be, but just play along) would think that everyone is Britain is constantly bowing in deference to the Royal overlords. This isn’t the case, however – as evidenced by our alternative Jubilee soundtrack from acts who take an … erm … less than complimentary approach to the monarchy.

God Save The Queen – The Sex Pistols

The original anti-Jubilee song. Ironically the Queen has aged better than all the remaining Sex Pistols combined.

The Queen Is Dead – The Smiths

Possibly their finest hour – the amazing opening track to the classic album of the same name.

Elizabeth My Dear – The Stone Roses

“Tear me apart and boil my bones / I’ll not rest ’til she’s lost her throne.” Not a fan, then, chaps?

Storm The Palace – Catatonia

The sort of rallying call that would have seen people beheaded not so long ago.

Insect Royalty – Primal Scream

Hold on – the monarchy are insects? But David Icke told us they were lizards. Which is it?