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‘Get down, stay down’ may sound like a direct command (imagine your clichéd ‘give me fifty’ drill instructor barking it in your ear) – but such straightforward bludgeoning really isn’t the style of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, the San Francisco act who just happen to be’s new Featured Artist.

This isn’t to say that there’s no immediacy to their music. Thao Nyugen and her mainstay cohort Adam Thompson (the band members have previous included Frank Stewart and Willis Thompson) have crafted a body of work which – while loosely fitting within umbrella terms like alt-rock and folk-rock – opens up with multiple listens to reveal rewarding intricacies, unique vocal and musical flourishes, and melodies within melodies.

You may think you’re getting everything with a surface listen – and an enjoyable surface listen it definitely is – but sentiments like ‘you are a dead man/I just have to shoot the gun’ (‘Body’) and ‘I come back because the punches always hit the same’ (‘Trouble Was For’) show off a beguiling complexity. Think of similar creative multi-taskers like Broken Social Scene, Jim Ward, Cat Power, Fiona Apple and Feist – not a bad line-up to be mentioned alongside – and you’ll be close.

Or, y’know, just listen to them. (click ‘more’ to continue)


Watch ‘Hallelujah’ by Thao & Mirah on BAMM TV

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How’s your week been going so far? Stressed out? Gnawing at your fingernails? Polishing your shotgun? Well, like the musical doctors we are, BAMM has just the thing to chill you out and negate those over-stimulation blues. Thao & Mirah are two friends from San Francisco who just happen to like getting together and making records, one of which is their recently-released, beautiful, blissed-out debut album.

‘Hallelujah’ is a particular highlight from that very album, and we were lucky enough to grab a performance at this year’s Phono Del Sol (a free SF festival organised by our buddies at the frankly essential music hub Bay Bridged). Thao and Mirah also work closely with Air Traffic Control- an organization dedicated to helping musicians become better social activists. Want to find out more? Take a look here.