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It happens to even the most musically literate of us: you know a song from somewhere (in the case of a tune that’s doing the rounds on the advertising circuit, everywhere) but you don’t know what it’s called. Scientists have a name for this – they call it ‘what the hell is that song? Seriously, it’s driving me mad. Just someone, please, throw me a f**king bone here.’

Anyway, because we’re big acolytes of the whole ‘public service’ thing, we’ve decided to enlighten you this Friday with a quick rundown of those songs you know but don’t really know. If you know what we mean. Y’know.

‘Clubbed To Death’ – Rob Dougan

You say: ‘oh, you know the one. It’s in The Matrix. And it’s always featured on inspirational stuff, like sporting montages or energy drink commercials. And it goes ‘bff-ttt-bff-ttt-bff-ttt-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa’.’

You mean: Clubbed To Death by Rob Dougan. It dates from 1995, which means that if it was a person, it would soon be thinking about going to college. Not to make you feel old or anything.


BAMM Celebrates: The Greatest Band Logos

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See that picture above? The Rolling Stones have updated their famous ‘lips’ logo to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and – if anything – this revamp only goes to solidify its reputation as one of the all-time great band logos: instantly recognisable, effortlessly cool and simple enough to reproduce quickly on a billion T-shirts and a quadzillion bedroom posters.

So – which other band logos can proudly stand alongside those luscious red lips? Let’s construct a virtual hall of fame and take a look at some of the exhibits, shall we?


Pretty much close to perfection, this one. That cheeky little lightening bolt conveys both a) the electricity reference and b) the storm-laden power of balls-out RAWK MUSIC. Faultless.


Elegant, stylish and simple. Thank god no one tried to incorporate a beetle into this, or it would have immediately lost cool points and been relegated to the realm of ‘rejected clipart images.’


Gene Simmons and his fellow KISS rockers really aren’t fond of people using their logo on counterfeit t-shirts … and when they have a logo as timeless and classic as this, who can blame them?


Pretty much paint-by-numbers Gen-X nihilism – and pretty much fits the band perfectly.


Holding up the modern contingent, this effort from British indie stars The xx brilliantly reflects the dark minimalism of the band.


Psychedelic, warped, colorful and sprawling – both in terms of music and band logo. These 70s prog-rockers hit the nail on the head with this beauty.

So what do you guys think? Agree, disagree, or are screaming violently at your monitor right now? What are your favorite band logos?