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Watch Toro Mata by Bang Data on BAMM TV

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For those of you worried that ‘Bang Data’ was going to be a piece of particularly lewd Star Trek fan-fiction, stay calm. We’re happy to report that Bang Data are infact a brilliant SF musical trio whose blend of bilingual rap-rock really deserves your attention. Fronted by Nicaraguan rapper Deuce Eclipse – who started his first rap group way back when he was in sixth-grade – they provide a heady brew of form-shifting and international flavour. Expect slick guitar, gritty synth, and cool electro-acoustic rhythms.

By the way, if you’re in the vicinity of one of those new-fangled television sets, you can catch more music from the band as part of the soundtrack to tonight’s episode of ‘Breaking Bad’. (Although if you weren’t going to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ anyway, what’s wrong with you? It’s very possibly the greatest TV show ever made. Yes, better than The Wire and Mad Men. That good.)