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The Flashbulb: His Favorites From The Vault

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We asked our Featured Artist The Flashbulb to pick his favorite moments from the sprawling music archive …

“I think I’ve actually gone through every BAMM video for this process. It made for a splendid Sunday morning. I kind of feel like an A&R guy, but my coffee isn’t expensive enough.

“After watching Who Cares – Show Me Some Change (below), I was reminded of how deceiving looks can be. I expected the sound of “Mouse Rat”, for those of you familiar with Parks And Recreation. The actual sound was an unexpected blend of 70’s Harlem, some open mic’d drums, and a filthy loop that sounds like the groan a baby didgeridoo would make while bashing out police car windows. The point is, this is unique, and it is great. The other point is, I need to grow my hair out and stop wearing tracksuits before I make another video.


Watch They Killed The Radio by Who Cares on BAMM TV

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Reno’s favouriteup-and-coming hip-hop sons Who Cares stopped by BAMM TV headquarters a short while back, and proceeded to throw some Eurythmics and Joy Division snippets into the kaledeoscopic ‘They Killed The Radio’ live on stage (as well as making time for the all-important melodica too). If you want to see an eye-popping, fresh and funky act at the top of their game, you’ve come to the right place. And while this performance may be dedicated to the one and only ‘Mr. Belvedere’, we’re pretty sure that everyone else is invited to the party too …