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Will Sprott – ‘A Dog Will Love You When Nobody Else Will’

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Dogs are extremely loyal creatures who proudly stand by their owners, so the title of this song by Will Sprott is an entirely accurate one – dogs really will love you when nobody else will. Well, apart from those yapping little Chihuahuas that rich ladies carry around in handbags. Those things just point blank don’t have souls.

Anyway, we’d probably better focus on the song rather than rambling on about dogs – because it really is a great one, performed by the inimitable Mr Sprott himself and featuring the most unique assortment of backing singers you’re ever likely to clap eyes on. It’s all there in the latest installment of ‘The Neighbourhood’, brought to you with our good buddies at Audyssey and Noise Pop.

Oh – and if you like the song, you can download it for free right here.

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