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Yesterday we treated you to our latest podcast, which continued our theme of exploring the Musical Yearbook – those moments in life in which music undergoes an effortless synergism with present events and creates lasting memories (good or bad, but nevertheless always unforgettable).

If you liked what you heard, here’s something that you should find very, very interesting indeed. BAMMers Phil, Sonia, Zach and Brock have kickstarted a new labor-of-love project which hopes to create a communal archive of all these amazing musical moments – and they need you to take part. Here’s a summary:

Based on the universal truth that music is a highly effective entry point into our pasts, Musical Yearbook is a growing collection of audio recorded autobiographical essays/short stories in which people of all ages, professions, and backgrounds share written snapshots of their lives through the lens of the music that chose them. It is the first experiment in a series for a larger, tentatively coined Social Music Project.

In the end, Musical Yearbook has a simple goal—to tell and learn our stories through the common thread of music. We are all far more interesting than what can be summed up in an “About Me” section, and we are far more interested in others than what is extractable from a friend’s or stranger’s “About Me” section. Similarly, there are more ways to share music than Spotify telling our “friends” what we’re listening to at the moment.

Like music, the digitization of community has created an efficient, but oftentimes shallow interaction. Our emotional investment in each other has been reduced. Musical Yearbook looks to deepen that interaction and increase our respective emotional investments.

If you want to help share your musical memories with the world, head on over to the Musical Yearbook site and find out how you can take part for yourself.

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