The Bob Podcast #16: “Song Dissection – The Soft White Sixties”

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The Bob Podcast #16: “Song Dissection – Queen of the Press Club” by

Most of us only hear songs after they’ve been completed, but in their infancy, songs are incredibly fragile ideas. Taking an idea–a melody, a riff, an image–and creating a great song is a complex, exhaustive process, which is why we at wanted to devote some podcast time to dissecting some of our favorite tracks from emerging artists. In doing so, we gain insight into a band’s dynamic.

The Soft White Sixties have a classic sound. There are no sub-genres here. Neo-soul-post-grunge-British-invasion? No hyphens needed with these guys. They play Rock & Roll. It’s that simple, and that’s what’s so great about this band. As you will hear in this podcast, The Soft White Sixties are students of music. They know their history, they understand the role each member plays in creating a song, and they are attune to the the fact that the pursuit of great music is a pursuit and obsession of the subtlest details.

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