The Friday List: Five Incredibly Niche Albums

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Time once again for BAMM’s regular Friday list of curiosities to keep you talking over the weekend. This week: five incredibly niche albums …

The world would be a boring place, the cliche goes, if we all like the same things. Indeed, an album that you may cherish dearly may well produce a resonant cry of ‘what the hell is this garbage?’ whenever you play it to your friends. Different strokes for different folks, is all we’re saying (just to keep the cliche train going).

This week’s edition of The Friday List, however, takes a look at an assortment of albums with a somewhat more … ahem … ‘selective’ appeal. By which we mean: we can’t possibly imagine anyone seeing one of these babies on the shelves and yelling ‘that’s what I’m going to buy today, world, and I don’t care who knows it’. It’s the five most incredibly niche albums in the world …

5. ‘Hear How To Improve Your Golf’ – Bob Rosburg

“I just can’t get my swing right today. Caddy, fetch me my record player and a copy of that invaluable release by Mr Rosburg. And if that needle skips once, then you’ll never find gainful employment amongst the Florida Clubhouse community again.”

4. ‘Exercise With Gloria … And Her Six Daughters’

“Hi there, I’m with ‘To Catch A Predator’ on Dateline NBC. What don’t you take a seat over there? What are you doing here today?”

3. ‘How To Avoid Probate’ – Norman Dacey

“Huh? What? The legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property under the valid will? Ah, man, fuck that shit – get Norm on the case.”

2. ‘How To Get Daytime Life Insurance Appointments By Telephone’ – Frank C. Pfister

“Are you kidding? You’re still listening to Norman Dacey and that probate stuff? You need to check out the Pfi-bomb – this stuff is hardcore.”

1. ‘Music For Your Plants’

“Oh, sure, if you’re a flashy fern you can afford an entire orchestra, but what’s a lowly cactus like me going to do?”

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