Watch Drove All Night by AllofaSudden on BAMM TV

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If you are planning on driving all night in the near future, you’re probably going to need some good music to listen to – otherwise you’ll be stuck with rambling AM radio preachers and sports phone-in shows in which morbidly obese rednecks criticise professional athletes. May we recommend some tunes from the awesome Allofasudden, then, whose driving rhythms and layered harmonies can be heard on their killer album Drink The Ocean? You can check out an exclusive live performance of ‘Drove All Night’ (see, all that rambling at the start of the paragraph was relevant) above.

Oh – and if you happen to be in SF towards the end of next month, you can catch these guys live (along with a roster of other great artists) at the 2011 Hardly Strictly Bluesgrass Festival.

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