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Here’s an interesting combination for you – one part jazz-blues-rock growler, one part history lesson. We recently welcomed the fantastic (and, as you’ll see from this performance, eminently multi-faceted) Sioux City Kid And The Revolutionary Ramblers into BAMM HQ, who treated us to a storming rendition of ‘Little Hell Part 1 and 2′. And because both BAMM and the band are steeped in wonderful San Francisco heritage, we thought we’d include some cool archive footage of the city from 1906 to compliment the all-American musical soundscape. Enjoy!

Oh – and if any of you happen to be in Oakland tomorrow evening (the 8th), you can catch these guys live at The New Parish.

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  1. DoucheCitySquid says:

    i don’t get this band — the vocals are horrible, the songs unmemorable; looks like u bet on the wrong horse, buddy.

    they should call themselves Piece of Douche

  2. bammtv says:

    We obviously aren’t going to agree here, we think Sioux City Kid has a lot of talent. But we won’t keep you from having your say.

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