Watch Strings by The Brothers Comatose on BAMM TV

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Here’s a little something
from the archives. Cast your mind back, if you can to October 2010 – a world in which Charlie Sheen was still a much-loved sitcom star, the iPad 2 was but the thing of a madman’s dreams, and Facebook still wasn’t able to scan your face and tag you like some strange cyber-relative. It was roundabout that time that bluesgrass wizards The Brothers Comatose paid a visit to BAMM’s SF headquarters.

The Brothers were also the first band to ever feature in a live BAMM feed, way back in 2009. Why do we keep inviting them back? Because they’re awesome – and this great performance of ‘Strings’ (above) will show you why. If you can’t get enough of these guys, you can catch them live at the High Sierra Music Festival on June 30, along with other great acts such as My Morning Jacket and Neko Case.

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