Watch White Arrows on BAMM TV

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It’s crazy to think that SXSW was back in March – and it’s even crazier to think that we featured so many awesome bands on our BAMM showcase nights, that we’ve still got more great stuff to show you. Here’s something really special from funk-pop-rock maestros The White Arrows: an exclusive live performance of “City Boy.”

And here’s what lead singer Mickey Schiff had to say to BAMM about the whole SXSW experience:

“SXSW is a life and entity in itself. It really encapsulates the life of sound, music, and creativity. Being at SXSW it’s as if you’ve departed your current existence, only to be thrust into another dimension where there is no life outside of your family that exists in that space and time has come to a stop. I really believe the following sums it up. “Some thoughts have a certain sound, that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs.”

Want to capture some of that excitement? Just hit that play button above.

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