What does 2012 have in store for music?

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Well, it’s finally here - the year in which anyone who believes in the nonsense about the ‘Mayan apocalypse’ is going to have to pull a Harold Camping and revise their end-of-the-world dates. For those of us who’d rather concentrate on seeking out great new music, however, there’s a far more pressing issue at the forefront of our minds: what exactly does the upcoming year hold in store for the industry, both creatively and financially?

Here are some BAMM predictions for 2012 …

More digitization

Pretty much a no-brainer, this. Music has been moving away from the physical format for years now, and the likelihood is that 2012 will only see that momentum gather pace. It’s touch and go as to whether high-street retail outlets like HMV (once kings of the CD market) will even make it through the next 12 months, while online distribution is only going from strength to strength. There’s absolutely no turning back, no matter what certain record execs would like.

Expansion of revenue sources

Another logical progression. Concert tickets and merchandise sales are where a lot of the big bucks reside right now. Expect the paradigm to shift further: the music itself will only form a percentage of the overall money-making picture, while innovative new offshoots of the music will gather sales.

More reunions

Sick of bands sullying their legacy by reuniting for cash-in tours? Sorry – that ain’t going away anytime soon.

Expect the unexpected

Something will happen industry-wise that no-one expects: that’s inevitable. If you’d been told a few years back that internet giant MySpace was to be the fastest-falling search term of 2011, would have you believed it? Surprises are the lifeblood of the digital music world, and there will be more coming.


Technology is going to get smaller, more streamlined and more portable. Or to put it another way: well, duh.

Fan worship

More than ever, emerging bands and artists are realising how important it is to connect with their fanbase. 2012 will surely see some pioneering new methods of keeping in touch with the loyal fans whose purchases keep the tugboat rolling along.

BAMM.TV will be going exciting new places

Well, less of a prediction, more of a promise. Stay tuned!

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