Why I Love Music:’s Madeleine Buzbee

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In a special edition of’s ‘Why I Love Music’ season, we handed over the reigns to the youngest member of the crew, our teenage intern Madeleine Buzbee …

I love music because it is the fence that my vines grow on, and always has been. It is, essentially, the bones of who I am. I came into this world as “Here Comes The Sun” played in the delivery room on that foggy, May morning in 1998.

My father sung “Beat On The Brat,” by The Ramones as a lullaby when I was small enough to hold, and one of my earliest memories includes dancing with my family to Barry White, the day he died.

As soon as I could walk, I would pick and chose albums, grabbing them and running down the corridor with determination towards the stereo.

When middle school came around, things got weird, so I turned to MGMT’s Congratulations; everyday after school would consist of closing the door to my room, and pressing play. At 13, I began collecting vinyl. Laying on the floor in a sea of blankets, the grooves of the albums gave me the opportunity to forget about everything, but simultaneously analyze my problems and address my own questions.

The Velvet Underground’s After Hours led me to meet my first love and the surge of the crowd at the start of The Vaccines concert pushed me into the people who would later become my closest friends.

I have outfits inspired by songs; a special dress just for “Nancy From Now On,” by Father John Misty and a specific jean jacket/pin combination to channel “20th Century Boy,” by T-Rex.

Even when everything around me is completely silent, a song is always playing in my mind- it’s been that way since Day One. Music is cheering for me on from the sidelines during these years of teenage turmoil, confusion, and self-discovery.


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