Wild Child: Their Personal Playlist

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Earlier in the week we introduced you to our Featured Artist – Austin’s very own Wild Child, a group whose multifarious melodies will surely see them blasting out of every open window this coming summer (trust us, we’re usually good at predicting these sort of things). We asked Wild Child to put together a playlist of their favorite stuff right now, and this is what they dropped our way. Perfect entertainment to unwind with on a Friday …

1. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Awesomely quirky animation as recommended by an awesomely quirky band.

2. Wild Child – Crazy Bird

Some might say that choosing your own single for a playlist is showing off. But when your single is this good, wouldn’t you want to show off?

3. Danny Malone- Sugar Water

No spoonful of sugar is needed to help with this medicine.


Because who doesn’t need a funny cat video in their life every now and then?

5. Spellbound (Hitchcock) – Full Movie

An all-time classic.

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